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Working For A Better Future For People Aged 50+

In the Vale of Glamorgan


Vale 50+ Strategy Forum exists In the Vale of Glamorgan to do the following

Ensure that older people’s opinions/views have an affect on decision and policymaking this is both at a local level in the Vale of Glamorgan and at national level

Ensure that older person involved take an active and equal part in the process.

Involve members with their local community, planning of local services and infrastructures.

Establish and develop a platform from which to challenge age discriminatory practice.

Help to develop policies to tackle poverty and social exclusion.

Promote the development of integrated services to meet older people’s need.

Help to develop a better community transport system.

Help to develop a better health service for older people.

Help to develop a better housing service for older people.

Promote a positive image of older people.

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Are You one of our older visitors from abroad? We would love to hear your views.

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